Alice Garden
a spirit in the material world

.03 my essential wisdom

In 1970, just a couple of years after I was born, Gill Scott Heron released The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

It was an honest anthem filled with 70's American themed references to the total mayhem that was the USA in the late 60's and 70's. The message was all about taking personal responsibility for change and not waiting or hoping for change to happen "on TV" or to hear about it from outside sources.

I too feel that all change happens within first, and that what we call culture or mainstream or consensus reality has become a rather gross construct of materialism, self denial and a total mis appropriation of our potential as a species.

It is interesting to me that the world I was born into in 1968 middle America - was a mad, sort of dangerous place on one level and a beautiful developing world filled with eager humans on another level. All these years later in my lifetime - the world is still really just the same. Maybe it's always like this here in this realm? Maybe the polarisation is part of what we incarnate here to experience.

In 2017 and beyond, the real revolution will still not be televised, because it's an inside job - it begins and unfolds inside the hearts & minds of mankind, individually first and foremost.

It is a journey into truth, responsibility and the ownership of our creations here in this life. No matter what is taking place inside consensus reality, the need to own and work through our personal issues - that which holds us inert as authentic beings, is the revolution.

Life is not just about creating destinations or creating what you believe will make you happy. This does happen on a surface level, but life is really a journey, a series of cycles into your soul's evolution.

This is where real happiness resides - in accepting & honouring your unique journey.

It doesn't always look perfect or even pretty, but you are always where you take yourself and this is always perfect for you.

There was a band called the Police that were pretty cool when I was a kid. They penned a song called “We Are Spirits In The Material World”. ( yep, I adore music )

I feel like this rings true for me- I am a spiritual being having an earthly incarnation.

"Spirits in the Material World"

There is no political solution

To our troubled evolution

Have no faith in constitution

There is no bloody revolution

We are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Our so-called leaders speak

With words they try to jail you

They subjugate the meek

But it's the rhetoric of failure

We are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Where does the answer lie?

Living from day to day

If it's something we can't buy

There must be another way

We are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world

(written by Gorden Sumner aka Sting)

I love the line "our so called leaders speak..." - maybe this time in history is about reclaiming our innate leadership as individuals, as sovereign beings outside of collectives?

I am not religious or even political, as I see both of these constructs as divisive, limited and they both separate human beings from their own innate path of self gnosis and self authority and ultimately self responsibility for the life and shared greater reality we are all co creating.

I am a spiritual being with a great love for the natural world and the magic of creation that we call Earth and the vast mystery of what it all really means.

How can our species evolve without the essential wisdom that we are spiritual beings here incarnated as Human?

Being spiritual simply means there is a vast innate creative energy inside of us that powers us and our physical bodies and that we are an amazing & vital force - a divine spark if you like.

Maybe it's up to us individually to activate this spark? Or perhaps, some of us do not yet have souls. This might account for the huge focus in our world on commerce, war and materialism instead of humanitarian evolution. We seem to spend more time and energy developing the machine culture and artificial intelligence, rather than our own.

How odd.

.02 re set your reality

Following are a series of initiatives I personally utilised to re calibrate and re new my life. They are a culmination of my own search for wholeness and purity over the last few years and they work.

Disconnect from all media ( tv, internet, news, personal devices - turn off notifications on your phone and keep it on airplane mode). Give yourself a vacation from the “pulse” of information and data input. We are organic beings us Humans and are not designed to be overly stimulated by digital technology - it has its place.

By giving yourself mental and energetic space to be with just you, the opportunity will arise for your natural pulse to come online. It may take a few days or weeks, but your natural connection to life & creation will reset if you intend it to, allow it.

Do a mental stock take or inventory of your life to date. Try not to be too critical or hard on yourself. We are all mostly doing the best we can with the awareness and abilities we have at any time.

Consider these area’s :

How is your health, do you have peace of mind, what are you focusing on each day, how is your mental health?

The best daily tonics for every human are simply - access to nature, rest & good sleep, time to just be, wholesome clean natural foods & water, laughter and joy - make these your absolute priority.

Practice Letting Go.

Let go of all the mental chatter, strong opinions, grudges, hurts, obsessions of any kind. Let go of everything that feels heavy or weighs you down mentally.

Just let it all go from your mind, your being and allow the here and now to be your focus - just be.

Physically begin to clear out all clutter from your environment.

Get rid of everything you don’t really need ( give it to someone who might need it ) clean up and refresh all the spaces around you - your living area, your car, your purse or bag.

Simplify and Refresh.

In a quiet, calm space - sit with yourself and determine in your own being what your core wound is in this lifetime. Look deeply into your past, childhood and recognise the pinnacle event, person, circumstance that causes you the most longstanding emotional pain.

We all usually experience something painful in life that shapes our destiny for years to come and usually we do not properly work through this and allow our present moment selves to experience life unencumbered.

Locating and recognising this core wound will be one of your greatest teachers.

Allow yourself to see and understand this pain in all its reality.

Now, ask yourself “ how does this pain serve me?”

All pain is teacher energy stored in our beings by our soul so that we may know exactly what it is at any moment that we need to address, understand and release.

By looking into the core root source of pain, we can bring it into our present consciousness and examine its purpose. By examining how pain serves us, we have the ability to literally transmute its suffering into soulful wisdom and begin to finally dissolve it.

To discover a core wound, you must always go back to it's inception - the time or period in your life when the event took place.

It is vitally important to take 100% responsibility for our life creations, at least our role in any given situation. If we allow victim mentality (blaming another or an outside source) to guide us, we will never come into our full potential. I have noticed that some people find it easier to blame an outside source or the "other" person for their suffering. We are always creating and co creating our reality with our individual thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Honour and become responsible for your participation in all life's events.

If you have a dis ease or an illness currently, you can utilise this core wound therapy to determine what exactly you are still holding onto that is causing you suffering. Again, go back to the time when the illness began and connect with the energy you experienced as painful, wounding - examine it and learn how it serves you to hold this pattern of unwellness.

This will require total honesty and commitment to self.

Once you have found and recognised your core wound, you can truly begin to decide if you are meant to forgive and release an old hurt or if you may need to take action in your life today to rectify an outstanding issue - usually both.

To locate how your pain serves you, focus on the specific area's in your life that create dis comfort, suffering or are a "problem" for you and feel how storing that energy inside prevents you from facing & releasing it and therefore the issue surrounding it.

Usually, it comes down to a sort of crutch that we hold onto because it seems easier then doing the inner & outer work required to release and move on. We can easily hold onto to pain for long periods of time if we feel someone else is to blame or responsible for our suffering.

You will be guided in this by your instinct, intuition and gut feelings.

Trust your guidance and with integrity, do what is asked of you.

I have personally observed several individual life paths where this core wound was never addressed and released. It usually leads to repeat performances throughout the life cycle, in different manifestations perhaps, but will show up again to remind you it remains unresolved in the form of further suffering.

This process might take you a week or a decade or a lifetime. It really is up to your dedication and honesty. For most of us, it will be our life’s work - a grand work in progress, as we experience the unfoldment of our human experience.

As you allow your reality to re set, see how you might continue to simplify your day to day, do what really brings you joy, nourish your body, mind and soul and allow your true essence to emerge and flourish.

Become lighter, en lightened.

Minimise and really cut back on digital bombardment, media and keeping up a “busy” pace. Allow your day to day surroundings, your family, friends, work and play to be where you place your attention.

Become engaged in your organic reality.

You will feel lighter, freer and healthier on all levels - promise!

.01 every day mind control

Mind Control is the intentional manipulation, influence and misrepresentation of our thoughts & perceptions of that which is authentic, real and true.

It pervades our world.

We can choose to go along with this perception management or we can choose to look behind it, underneath it and beyond it to our real essence - our real potential as a species.

The major challenge in our world today, is that most of us do not yet fully realize how we are embedded, indoctrinated and influenced by mind control, because it is literally everywhere.

Also, we do not fully appreciate how we create our realities and world together via our thoughts, beliefs and what we "allow" or agree to by just going along to get along.

The world we perceive to be "real" exists on many levels.

Firstly, the natural world- its sentience and all the magic it offers us.

Secondly, a series of constructs, ideas and overlays that guide, influence, manipulate and control our species - Humanity, whom are a part of the natural world.

These thought constructs, which exist because we agree to them in our world narrative, today include: religion, government, money, education (schooling), health care, commercial media and many others.

I am referring to the mainstream, consensus reality institutions stated above and now consider the majority of their offerings as every day mind control.

We are born into these systems, institutions and paradigms and they seem to change little over generations of humans coming & going from the world. They do not truely nurture, care for and help evolve our species - they keep us locked into a strange world of havoc, illness and a never ending need to "work to live".

Our species - Humanity, is a highly sensitive, sentient group and we are very "programmable". Our lives are shaped and become mostly the thoughts, ideas and "guidance" we receive from our parents, family, the media, community, church, schools, etc.

We are rarely, if ever, taught to engage our thinking, inquisitive mind and to question the constructs that fill our world. Furthermore, our world is so corrupted now with these imposed institutions, that to look deeply into them and question their validity - has been labelled "conspiracy" by the consensus reality makers.

It is only when we have the impulse to look outside this mind control, that the vast array of potential can unfold.

Beyond what we perceive with our 5 senses, there is a multidimensional interplay also co- existing with us; the subtle realms, spirit realms and the mystical worlds, from which we all derive.

I have found it helpful to look at all of the belief systems on offer in our world and begin anew in search of what is real & genuine; to look within my self and at my day to day reality to find my own understanding from my experiences and research.

One thing is for certain, we all seem to go along with a selection of ideas, beliefs and worldly constructs that were already here when we were born - most of these may have began as honest attempts at understanding our world, but are now all infused with agendas, half truths and false hoods. There seems to be as many belief systems and world views, as there are people.

From my perspective, the consensus reality world is so corrupted now with anti-human, anti-life forces, that it is imperative to seek a fresh approach and re-think our reality.

Here are some core questions to consider:

Where do your thoughts really originate?

Have you ever looked at the origins of the default belief options on offer in our world? The ones we all seem to inherit from our families.

For example:

What is money?

Why does it control our material welfare? Have you looked into the current system of money, our Fiat Currencies, and understood how it is created and managed? Why are we the only species in our world that has to "pay" to live here. Are we here simply to work, to earn money to live within a debt based system controlled by a few? Why do we allow commerce to govern our living standards as a species?

What is religion?

Why are there numerous religions to choose from - which ones are "right"? Why does religion exist? Do we need an outside proxy source to validate, confirm and tell us a creation story? What has religion done to our world? How many of our species have died and experienced tyranny due to religions? Are we closer to our source or living in a better world today due to religion? Have you researched the true origin of your religion, outside its internal doctrine and its offerings to our species? Have you ever wondered why religions commit and condone the destruction of our world, our species in the name of its "god" or gods? Also, why did religion usurp the original stories of native humans worldwide? Why can't we be spiritual beings without religion?

What is time?

Why are we all using a calendar & time system overlaid onto our world by the Roman Catholic Church - the Gregorian calendar we all go by? It was designed for civic commerce and sits outside of our natural organic human cycles.

Can you begin to see the overlays that govern our world, that are actually constructs that take us out of organic time and herd us into a life of busi-ness?

At what point and why did our species defer to radiant screens ( movie screens, tv's, computers, devices ) for interpreting our world?

Who controls this screen culture that now dominates most of our day to day lives? What is the impact of this screen culture upon our thinking, our organic world and our physical bodies? Why are we spending huge portions of our day inside simulations created and managed by corporations?


IMAGE from Antoine Gieger's "Sur Fake"

Do you engage your imagination to create the world you would like to live in?

Our imagination is really an organic technology we are created with as Humans. It offers each of us the ability to actively co create the world we experience.

How do you use yours?

Please consider, ponder and begin to wonder again.