Alice Garden
a spirit in the material world

Who am I?

Now that's a question I ask myself nearly every day.

I am for sure a questioning, observant and mindful individual who has spent the last 49 years living between the USA and Australia. I have worked in the Australian music industry, held several senior positions in business development, customer service & human resources in the USA and Australia and left IT ALL BEHIND in 2003 to undo, unlearn, unravel and recalibrate from what I now consider to be a mostly unreal, artificial world. I learned a lot about power, ego's, greed, busi-ness and the day to day goings on in the rat race. I always felt like a stranger in that world and I am so pleased I had the courage to walk away from it all.

Of course in hindsight, it all offered me the real time, real experience required to understand just what the matrix and consensus reality ARE.

Currently, I am based in the southern part of Australia, surrounded by beautiful Eucalyptus trees and the vast spirituality held within this land.

The last several years have been an ongoing journey into the essence of reality, possibilities, my soul and creation. Luckily, I have a partner - my husband, who joined me in 1998 to explore life. Together, we have been dedicated to following a path of spirit, creation and synchronicity.

It has been a huge process of de-construction, in mind & body, to make way for a more authentic sense of liberation.

The ideas and thoughts I share here, are my own, based upon over 4 decades of engaged observation and interaction within the Human Race. I am by no means set in any one belief system and try always, to keep my mind and imagination open to possibility.

My own personal experiences and day to day path through my life, have led me to see with lucidity and a fresh perception, that which we call consensus reality and beyond.

There is a vast separation between our current reality and our true potential.

My life has clearly shown me, with delight and amazement, that we really do live in a creative realm - a living, organic place of creation and we are all the co creators - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Essentially, it is this magic and living pulse that motivates me every day.

Consensus Reality in my vernacular, is the mainstream, media driven version of our world, sold to us via the screen culture we all participate in; TV, Internet, Hollywood and all it's associated propaganda. Most of us are born into this consensus reality and are programmed from birth to believe in it via our parents, family, school, church, etc.

Consensus Reality is the “world” we accept without logical engagement and critical analyses of its true relevance.

I do not use social media and have struggled with using the Internet to share my thoughts because frankly, I do not appreciate the way it has almost forced its way into our world by big time - for profit corporations, and taken hold of the minds & attention of our species in a very crass and narcissistic manner.

Also, it seems disheartening to think that we have just barley begun to understand and appreciate the organic world we actually do live in and now, we have an artificial construct called the Web, the Net within which we can spend our valuable time here on Earth.

Sort of like the analogy of little kids spending all their time “indoors” instead of being outside playing in the fresh air. Now we are all “online” instead of in life - the real, living breathing world around us.

I think its all fine for basic commerce and day to day administration, but alas, it has become the new world for many and its so fraught with pettiness and narcissism. We are told its all progress, but I don’t think so. It feels more like a sort of de evolution to use machines to interface our world.

I fully get that it is our consciousness individually and as a species, that lies at the core of our dis connection from our power and innate potential. I do not "blame" technology, but am just noting its power over us at this time. The screen culture has captured our species.

I partake in this cyber world wide web for communication and connection in a limited fashion. My intention with this site, is really to hold a space for sanity inside the web and to connect with like minded others. I will occasionally post my musings too.

My weekly "budget" for Internet time is a few hours max these days.

I love the natural world with all its innate guidance and magic. I study philosophy, reality and all things esoteric and adore really good vegetarian fare. I am the family doctor, cook, spiritual advisor, homemaker and all round Feng Shui expert - well, it's just my husband and I, but we are very self reliant.

I have been empathic my whole life and have grown to finally appreciate the value and gift that true human empathy offers me and those with whom I consult.

Alice Garden is my nom de plume and offers me an avenue to express my inner being in a realm that mostly no longer recognises the genuine creative essence of reality.

My passions are wellbeing, wisdom & truth.

You may contact me here.